HURLEY Australian Open

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I want to share a little background on my experiences in the surf/beachwear industry. I live on the east coast of the U.S. and have grown up with surf brands such as Roxy, Quiksilver, Billabong, Hurley, O’Neill, and Volcom. I have worked in the industry for the past five years. Parts of my style are reflected from the beach influence and lifestyle. I just recently visited Australia for Study Abroad and I fell in love. I also  participated in the Hurley Walk the Walk Fashion Show Competition during the U.S. Open 2010 in Huntington Beach California, so I feel obligated to share this event with you!!!

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Hurley Australian Open of Surfing is currently underway from February 7-15, 2015 in Manly Beach, Sydney. It features live music, surf competitions, skate, freebies, and Hurley events. Some of the athletes include Carissa Moore, Adrian Buchan, Michael Dunphy, Kai Hing, and many more! To check out more of this event go to Hurley Australian Open of Surfing.

“We have some of the best beaches and surf culture anywhere on the international circuit and events such as the Australian Open of Surfing showcase Sydney and Manly to the world.”

-Mike Baird, NSW PRemier


In the short time I spent in Australia I was able to explore Manly Beach a few times. There are a lot of activities to do and they have a lot of individual brand surf shops. On the east coast we have surf shops like 17th street, WRV, and Coastal Edge which carry multiple surf brands. However, in Australia they have a store for each brand because that is where their headquarters are located. Sydney showcases the top surf brands and surfing culture!


During the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach California, I participated with my high school class in the Hurley Walk the Walk Fashion Show Competition 2010 with other schools in the USA. We won a series of Hurley videos that placed us in the running as one of the top schools to compete. We were dressed in Hurley clothing from head-to-toe along with accessories from sponsors such as Skullcandy and Converse! It was an amazing experience to be a part of and to get to express our fashion, style, and school spirit while the U.S. Open was going on. Our judges were Rob Machado, Lauren Conrad, and Bob Hurley. Our school won a head-to-toe design challenge where an outfit was created from scratch featuring a military theme!

Check out the Fashion Show at Hurley Walk the Walk.

Stay tuned for my next post on 2015 swimwear trends!

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