Born to be Bronzed

Hey ladies,


  As warm weather approaches and the shorts and flip flops come out, many of you do not want to look like casper coming out of winter. Most of you have tried tanning beds, spray tans, or lotions to get some type of color. A great alternative to tanning beds (which give you skin cancer and should be avoided) are self tanning lotions. I have tried a multitude of different self tanners, and it is a task in its own to find the best ones. Some do not work, smell awful, turn you orange, or give you crazy streaks like the picture above! NOONE wants to look like an oompa loompa!


I wanted to share a review on this amazing product Bondi Sands! It is a foam self tanner only sold in Australia. After seeing their Instagram results page and all the raves about it, I had to try it out. It retails for $24.00 and it comes in light/medium and dark formula color. They also have other lotion products as well. Below is a before and after picture from using the product. I would recommend purchasing a self tanner application mitt which can be found on their website or at a makeup store. I got mine at Sally’s Beauty Supply for about $6.00. You do not want your hands to turn orange, and the mitt evens out your color when you apply it. After I exfoliated and showered I applied 2 pumps of the foam for each section of my body. It instantly gave me a bronzed tan which I was thrilled with. I used the dark formula and applied one coat. Some lotions take a few hours to show, but with this the results were instant. If you want a deeper tan, you can reapply it again 30 minutes after it sets, and can leave it on for up to 6 hours. It has a light coconut scent and does not smell how a spray tan would, which is a huge plus. Overall I am pretty excited about using this product as my go to tan for the upcoming months!!!

Get your bronzed beach bod ready at Bondi Sands!

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