Pack Like a Pro!


If you are a college student Spring Break is right around the corner, and you may be traveling to warmer places. It is difficult to decide what to bring when packing for a trip. For guys it is easier because they can rewear things for days, but girls have a tendency to overpack and bring their whole closet. Important points to consider are what you can pack, what will fit, and what should be left behind.  Airlines normally allow one carry-on less than 30 pounds and a purse or backpack with no charge. If you want to check a bag most airlines will charge you for it but it is important to check with them beforehand. To check out current TSA and airline regulations click Here.

Liquids are always tricky to pack in your carry-on. There are maximum ounces for containers, so I recommend getting plastic bags specifically for flying. Travel sized products are perfect to bring such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc. They are great because you can toss them when you leave which allows more space to bring back fun souvenirs. There are a variety and broad selection of travel sized items found at Walmart, Target, and CVS. I get clear airplane safe bottles and put my favorite products in them if they do not have them at the stores. Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen!

When choosing what clothing to pack for warmer climates, include two or three bathing suits that you can mix and match with each other. Since they are small, you can pack them with your undergarments. Some great pieces to include that can be versatile and get multiple wears are kimonos, shorts, and tees. To make more space in your suitcase, roll each garment. When packing shoes wrap them in a shower cap to keep clothing from getting dirty. I would include 2 pairs of sandals, running shoes, and a pair of heels for going out. If you choose to only bring a carry-on, your shoe options may be limited. If you have a lot of white clothing maybe pack a brown wedge that can match whatever you wear. I also include a trash bag to put my dirty clothes in, and stick a laundry sheet in my suitcase to keep my clothes smelling fresh.


You do not want to put anything valuable in your checked suitcase because there is a risk of having something stolen. I recommend carrying your passport, money, and electronics on you and in your carry-on. I always put a lock on my suitcase for safety reasons. I had to pack for a three-week trip to Australia and I fit everything in one checked bag, so packing for a week on Spring Break is a piece of cake. Remember, try to pack pieces that can be paired with multiple outfits! I hope you found some helpful tips and tricks to have a fun, fabulous, and fashionable vacation!

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