The Blush That Makes You Flush!


Hey pretties,

I am doing a product review on the TooFaced Sweetheart’s Perfect Flush Blush. These blushes are perfect for summer to add a little color and highlight to your face. One of my favorite things about this product is the adorable heart shaped box they are stored in! These blushes are all tri-color baked powder formula, so you can use all three together or use each shade separately. They come in Candy Glow which is a light rose/pink color, Peach Beach which is a peach/golden bronze, and Something About Berry which is a darker magenta/berry pink.

Peach Beach individual shades on the left and Something About Berry individual shades on the right


I bought the Peach Beach and Something About Berry because I thought they would look good on my medium skin tone, especially with a tan. The blush is shimmery but not super overpowering on your face. The thing I like about this product is that they are buildable, so whether you want a more subtle or intense look depends on how much product you put on your brush. The Peach Beach reminds me of a highlighter, which is pretty and gives a subtle sunkissed look. Each Perfect Flush Blush retails for $30 but I got mine on sale at Ulta for $15 each. Find them on their website at TooFaced!!!

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