Loving LUSH.


I wanted to share a review on some of my favorite body products from LUSHLUSH is a fresh handmade cosmetic company that has a variety of products from bath and shower to makeup and perfume. These bath and body products have all natural ingredients that have no harsh chemicals and are made fresh by employees. These are so amazing and popular because they fight animal testing, are 100% vegetarian, handmade, come in an array of mouth-watering scents, and cute, creative designs. They are perfect if you are environmental friendly conscious of what you put on your body. Some of their most popular products are their bath bombs which feature fun names, decadent scents, a variety of colors, and skin softeners to provide the ultimate relaxing bath experience. Below is a video of how they experiment with fun colors, glittery materials, and combinations of mixtures to create their products.

Another popular item is the Charity Pot. These are their special hand and body lotions where each one purchased goes towards a certain story and cause. Not only are you getting a great moisturizing lotion, but you can be reassured your money is going to good use. LUSH aims its charitable givings program for people, animals, and the environment around the world.

Since launching our Charity Pot program in 2007, we’ve donated more than $5,800,000 to over 600 grassroots charities in 35 countries.

Some of my favorite LUSH products are the bath bombs, soaps, and fresh facial masks. I love the Mask of Magnaminty which is an energizing minty face mask, the Bohemian soap which has a fresh lemon scent, and their creamy lip scrubs and balms. You really get the whole experience when you go into one of their stores because they have such a colorful, fragrant, and friendly atmosphere. You can test out all of their products in the store, which I like, because you can try it before you buy it. I also love how each product has a label of who made the product for you that day. Their items are for both men and women. LUSH can be great gifts for others and to treat yourself. To shop these fresh, yummy products check out their website at LUSH!

Stay tuned for my next post on the perfect gifts for Mothers Day!

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