Simple Storage Solutions


Coming home from college I had a lot of extra clothing, shoes, etc. which I had no room for in my closet. Unfortunately, I have a small closet so I needed more space. I decided to create a cheap, easy storage solution as an alternative. I stacked 2 Cube Organizers from Martha Stewart Living which I secured to the wall. Each cube costs $45.00, and I included Fabric Drawers in some of the cubes. By having some of the cubes exposed you can display pictures, trinkets, and accessories. The Fabric Drawers come in a variety of colors but they can be used to hide/store clothing and create patterns. Each drawer retails for $7.00. I also attached wire shelving to the cubes to hang my clothing and give me more room. I hang my nice clothing so they do not get wrinkled. I usually put socks, bras, and underwear in the cubes because those do not get creased. The shelving also allowed me to display my shoes on top of it, which I need as much room as I can get because I have a lot of them. I am also placing a longer shoe rack under the shelving. This storage space is super easy, and doesn’t take up a lot of room. I can have my summer clothing displayed and easily available, while my winter clothing is kept hidden in my closet. The Cube Organizers, Fabric Drawers, and Wire Shelving can all be found at Home Depot.

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