Shoe Love is True Love

Shoe Love Is True Love. To all of you shoe addicts out there with not enough room in your closet, but a lot of love for your feet, here are the top shoe trends stepping into Summer 2015. These styles are fresh off the runway. From edgy Gladiators to comfy Birkenstocks, there are a variety to rock this sunny season with.

The average woman falls in love 7 times a year, only 6 are with shoes.

-Kenneth Cole


Gladiators are known as the warrior, edgy, Sparta look. This sandal can range from short to knee-high styles. They come in fun colors like gold, black, nudes, and berries. The great thing about these is that most are made from quality materials like leather or suede. Whether you pair it with a flowy shift dress or shorts and a crop top, this gladiator will always be a bold, statement shoe.


Have you ever ran in heels? Anything is possible with platforms! The platform shoe adds stability and height. This chunky heel can be worn with a wrap dress for a night out on the town with your girls. These shoes are a must have if you are on the shorter side to give an instant lift!


The Birkenstock has crept back into fashion from the 90’s. This functional bulky shoe has been reinvented as a hippie, trendy style. Free People is big on the Birkenstock trend featuring suede, bright colors, and beading details to appeal to the bohemian style customer. Whether you pair them with a destroyed boyfriend jean or wear them around the house, this shoe will make you feel Groovy baby!

Baumers Birkenstock Socks Arizona (1)


The Mule is an open back, heeled shoe usually with a peep toe. It is similar to a clog but with the an added heel. These are great to dress up a maxi, two-piece set, or a casual jean capri. They come in many variations, styles, and colors that can be found at Nordstrom. This shoe is sleek, chic,  and easy to slip on for a fast dash out the door!

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