The chatter about CHARCOAL!


The latest buzz in skin care is one of our most valuable natural resources, CHARCOAL! Who knew you could use it on your face? The secret of activated charcoal is its natural absorption properties. It is used to pull out toxins and pollutant oils that have been absorbed in the skin. Charcoal has become so popular that it has been created in soaps, scrubs, and even face masks. These charcoal products open up your pores to suck out nasty dirt, grime, and oils.

When I heard about this secret substance, I was excited to try it. I am used to the common green shreck-looking face masks, not a mysterious black. After doing research on the best charcoal products, I bought Origins Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask.   I have never tried Origins products before, but after using this they are my new favorite skin care brand! All of their products are created from active plants, 100% natural essential oils, and certified organic ingredients. They are free of chemicals like Parabens and Phthalates, and are not tested on animals. This is a huge plus for me because I do not want to put ANYTHING with harmful or fake chemicals on my skin. It is a great brand if you are eco-friendly and earth conscious! The Charcoal Mask retails for $25, 3.4 fl. oz. and $17 , 1.7 fl. oz. It is pricey but you are getting a quality, long-lasting product. My motto is quality over quantity, and when it comes to your skin it is important to consider. This amazing product can be found here.

When I first used this product it had a mud smell to it, and creamy consistency that dried quickly. Before you apply the mask, put a hot wash cloth over your face to open up your pores so that the charcoal is more effective in absorbing anything on your face. Apply a layer over your entire face avoiding the eyes and then let it sit for 5 minutes. As it dries, it will feel tight around your face kind of like a mold. After the charcoal has worked its magic, just wash it off with warm water and you have a fresh face! If you have any blackheads, it will draw them out and cleanse any impurities in your skin. I use this mask twice a week or when my skin feels really gross. Overall, the Charcoal face mask is a great product to have when you need to revive your skin and a must for your skin care collection!

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