Loving Tan


Today I am doing a product review on the self tanner Loving Tan! I found them on social media and wanted to try out their product from the results I saw. As a consumer you want a product that is going to give you immediate results that actually work. It is hard picking out self tanners because half of them don’t work, streak, or smell bad.

So my first impression of Loving Tan was that the packaging of this product is so adorable and girly! It is a small pink bottle with cursive print, and foam nozzle dispenser. Perfect to throw in your bag when traveling. I personally prefer foam than lotion self tanners because the color is instant and richer, however foam is harder to put on your body when it comes to streaking. You have to be careful when you apply it to your hands, elbows, and feet. It is important to exfoliate before using any kind of tanner so there are no blotches or uneven marks. It will make your tan look 110% better. The exfoliator mitt is a must.

The big thing I notice about any product is smell. If it smells funky, it is not going on my body. This is pretty non-existent which is a HUGE plus! My beloved Bondi Sands unfortunately has a very strong coconut smell which is not ideal.

Applying the foam is tricky because it dries really fast so I added another coat to touch up the spots I missed. Since the color guide is so bold, you can see exactly where you blend. It is a red based tanner so it comes out a nice brown color, while some are green based like Bondi Sands, St. Tropez, and St. Mortiz. I get very pale in the winter but I naturally have an olive based skin tone so I tan a red/brown. If you have a paler complexion I would start with gradual self tan lotions to see how your skin absorbs it, because you don’t want to look orange.


The tan lasted about 4 to 5 days and I still had color after showering. It didn’t stain my sheets very much either, however if you are worried about that just make sure they are not white. This product comes in Medium, Dark, Ultra Dark, and 2 hour Express Medium and Dark Bronzing Mousse.

The Medium and Dark retail for $34.95 and 2 Hour Express and Ultra Dark $39.95. It is definitely pricey for the 120mL you are getting, however the product is worth it. Compared to Bondi Sands which is 200mL and is $24.00 you are getting more product for less, and St. Tropez which is 400mL and $65.00. You also get multiple uses out of this product, so if you think about it, it is about a month or less of a tanning subscription.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the results of this self tanner and will definitely be one of my go to’s to get some color for the winter months. This is always a great alternative to tanning beds, which give you skin cancer. I admit I was a tanning bed junkie but once I realized how easily you can contract skin cancer from them, I would rather use a fake tan any day.It is paraben and alcohol free so it is SAFE to use. I give this 5 stars and I think Ultra Dark is next on my list to try! To get yours click here.

Don’t forget to use LOVINGTAN at checkout for a FREE exfoliating glove!

The right is one coat of Loving Tan in Dark.

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