DIY: Faux Fur Stool

Hi guys! I wanted to share a DIY project I did recently that is super easy and can add some glam to your apartment or home. I wanted a decorative piece for my apartment and seat for my makeup table. I was looking on Pinterest and came across this amazing fur chair that was like $500 and thought, I could definitely make that. I spent a total of  $25 on 3 supplies to make this stool.  I went to IKEA and found the MARIUS stool which comes in black or white for $4.99. I also purchased the TEJN Rug for $12.99. I then went on the search for spray paint at Michaels. I chose a gold Metallic paint for $6.99.

All of IKEA’s furniture has to be built. So I had to put the stool together which was pretty easy, you just need a screwdriver. I then spray painted the legs and bottom of the stool with 2 coats and let dry. I wrapped the faux rug around the seat of the stool and cut the excess. Then I secured the pieces to the bottom with contact cement so it will be impossible to remove and WAH LA! One original super chic stool.




Before | After

Supplies can be found here.

*Stool*Paint*Faux fur rug *Contact Cement

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