DIY Coffee Palette

Hope everyone’s staying warm this holiday season! I wanted to share a DIY project that is fun and functional.  I have been obsessed lately with wood palettes. There are so many fun things to create with them! I was at a nursery the other day and was on the hunt for the perfect palette while I was shopping for plants. The awesome thing about these is that you can find them pretty much everywhere and they are free!

So I have a Starbucks coffee problem and a ton of mugs shoved in my shelves. I thought how cute would it be to make a coffee mug palette so I can showcase my clutter and have more space for my cups. I have been looking for ways to display the mugs, so I figured I could just make it myself. I started by sanding the palette down to even out the rough edges with Sandpaper. I have always loved the modern look and found this amazing wood stain in Sunbleached which is a weathered grey shade. I did two coats of the stain but still wanted the wood to show through to give it some texture. I found these really cute black hooks at Home Depot to hold the mugs. I staggered and spaced them where I wanted and drilled them in. I also purchased hooks to mount on the wall that I drilled in the back and hung on a screw. After it was up on the wall it felt a bit unfinished to me. I went to Michaels and purchased Stencils and white paint to spell out Coffee on the top plank. I was very pleased with how it turned out and now I have a totally super-chic coffee mug display! Find out where I purchased my materials for this project below. Happy creating!







Wood Stain, Stencil, Hooks, Paint

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